Web Data Connector A Tableau Web Data Connector that pulls in your task tracking data from the Detail Reports view on toggl.com View on GitHub

How to Connect

To connect to your time tracking data create a new Web Data Connector data connection and enter the following url:

2019.1 and later


2018.3 and earlier


Required Inputs

Email: Please enter your email to receive any errors from Toggl.

Workspace ID: Use the number shown in the url on the 'Workspace Settings' page

For example: https://toggl.com/app/workspaces/999999/settings

API Token: This can be found at the bottom of your 'My Profile' page

Start & End Dates: The time frame you would like to pull data for. Check 'Always today' to always use the current day for refreshes.
Note: The Toggl API has a maximum of a year time frame.